Bangladesh Development Company Ltd.

Land Division East,
West, North, South, New Towns are unique projects of BDC to meet the acute housing crisis by building satellite towns which will meet not only needs but also provide all other facilities that are required for modern living...

BDC Towns
Total area of land in Bangladesh is 57126 sq. miles. Administratively it has been divided into six Divisions, which are subdivided in total 64 Zillas. All these Zillas are interconnected through well-designed metal road networks known as : "National Highway". One interesting feature of these Zillas is that the main town or business activities have been developed around these National Highways. Keeping this view in consideration ...

Industrial Estate
Bangladesh Government is making all-out efforts to industrialise the country with a view to create new employment opportunity and to develop the socio-economic condition of the country. Industrial development is not possible without enthusiastic and solvent entrepreneurs/financiers. Further, entrepreneurs cannot establish their industries if suitable land with all the required infrastructural facilities such as road, gas, electricity, water ...

Commercial Complex
Apart from the residential accommodation the towns will also have public transportation system, which will link up the satellite towns with the mega city. One of BDC's latest Commercial Complex is a six-storied shopping mall at 'New Town'. Located beside Meghna bridge, the shopping complex is providing the consumers with a wide variety of goods and services ...

Shopping Complex
In a city with limited entertainment options shopping becomes a major recreational activities for the city dwellers. In this respect, Departmental stores in particular, where one can get a large variety of items under a single roof, has become a popular choice for the busy city dwellers harassed by time constraints.

BDC Apartments
With years of experience and thoughtful realization of the growing needs of this Metropolis, we have established a separate Apartment Division to eliminate the housing problem. Our aim is to provide a highly secured, comfortable living condition with state of the art facilities within a limited, reasonable and affordable investment.

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